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Nov 2014

Wind Turbine Success in Aberdeenshire

Wind Turbine Success in Aberdeenshire

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CMD determination succeeds in securing permission for a 80m high 800kW Enercon Wind Turbine on a farm in Aberdeenshire.

‚ÄčA three year process of Environmental assessments, Noise Impact assessments, MOD radar research, 3D modeling, site visits and numerous re-applications has finally secured consent for a sizeable turbine on a farm in Aberdeenshire, contributing toward Scotlands Renewable Energy targets and providing long awaited income for the farm and our clients. MD Craig Mackay stated..“the planning process demanded by the Wind Farm team at Aberdeenshire is understandably robust to ensure that the environment and rural community is cared for but significant inefficiencies were encountered which are known to be causing an exponential amount of avoidable extra work for the local authority and agents alike…our clients have been incredibably determined in working through the process with us”


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